AGROKIM OOD was established in 2003 with the object of production and sale of agricultural products. The company currently cultivates 1200 hectares of land in the region of the city of Stara Zagora, Bulgaria. Our main production is cereal grain crops, for which we have a large base, a modern machine fleet and 0.7 a storage area of 0.7 ha.

Since 2019, the company has expanded its activities with growing essential oil crops. Our lavender fields spread over an area of 45 ha on land of the village of Dalboki. Our yarrow fields cover an area of 40 ha in the area on land of the village of Gorno Botevo.

Aromatic and essential oil plants require a lot of care and love. Our cultivation method involves primarily manual work. This method includes weeding and digging of the crops without any use of machinery. We only use phosphorus fertilizers because phosphorus, as an essential macroelement for plants, plays a significant role in their metabolism and is important for the functioning of key enzymes. We do not use any pesticides in the process of growing the crops, and thus, in addition to producing a cleaner product, we also protect the local soils, water and air and their balance and ecology.

Production of essential oils

For the production of essential oils, Agrokim OOD has built its own brand new distillery. To comply with modern ecological norms, the distillery has a built-in system that allows the use of primarily natural gas for its work, as it is the fuel with the lowest harmful emissions.

Processing of essential oils

The main method of extracting essential oils is through distillation. We at Agrokim apply the most popular option: steam distillation. This is a method in which the pressure of the steam releases the essential oils. The steam evaporates the volatile compounds of the plant material, which then undergo a process of condensation and collection. The resultant product is a pure oil that can be used in pharmacy, cosmetics or the food industry.

Quality of the essential oils

There are a number of ways in which the quality of essential oils can be compromised from the growing conditions for the plants to their harvesting and the distillation, production, distribution and storage of the oils. AGROKIM OOD has each lot of oil tested in a specialized laboratory to ensure high quality control.