High-quality essential oils from Bulgaria

Production of essential

AGROKIM OOD is a Bulgarian company established in 2003. Since 2019, the company has offered essential oils of its own production. We have extensive experience in growing agricultural crops. We grow yarrow and lavender on an area of 85 hectares. We are also planning to plant camomile and rose plantations in the near future.

With care for the land, our company strives to preserve nature – the source from which we extract the valuable oils. Our work involves very little use of machinery and no use of pesticides.

We have our own newly built distillery for processing these plants and extracting oils from them. The distillery has a built-in combined system that allows the use of primarily natural gas for its work, as it is the fuel with the lowest harmful emissions.

Our essential oils

Agrokim produces Lavender essential oil and Yarrow essential oil. Soon the company will also produce Camomile essential oil and Rose essential oil.